Shop until you fall: Black Friday attracts with high discounts

This Friday marketers celebrate Black Friday online and in city centers. We'll find out which traps are mainly online shoppers.

Finn Mayer-Kucuk, 20.11.2018

On the "" website, the clock counts for hours. "Blitzdeals!" There are now and only for a limited time: televisions, speakers, computers are particularly inexpensive. Consumers advocate a warning,

"There are always shops in the network," says Georg Tryba of the NRW Consumer Center. Such "psychological torture tools" were primarily used to exert pressure on customers. "There is a good chance that a similar offer will be made again on the same day or just two weeks later."

The discount season has begun. This Friday, November 23, Black Friday traders celebrate an artificial shopping holiday. Over the last ten years, this idea has gained enormous popularity: online and offline retailers advertise their discounts with great effort, consumers hope to have unique offers. Given that it is not enough for a single day, it will extend events for the whole week – or for the weekend and the Monday after.

Access points to compare prices

"Black Friday and Cyber ​​Mondays are increasingly popular in this country," says Stefan Genth, Executive Director of the German Business Association (HDE). The association expects sales of 2.4 billion euros this year this year – 15 percent more than in the previous year.

In fact, there are lots of shops today – but they are not as easy to find as promotional promises. "Prices can change every hour," says Kirsti Dautzenberg of the Brandenburg Business Center. Often computer programs control discounts. They follow sophisticated logic. For example, traders can set to automatically follow when a competitor reduces the price of the merchandise.

Dautzenberg recommends that you resort to price comparisons such as Idealo, Check24 or, where you can choose from cheap offers. Although they are not perfect, but at least they provide an overview. As prices are constantly changing, the prospects should follow developments in a few days to get a sense of fair value. Anyone who sees a relatively small amount can strike. "Finding a real deal is hard work," says Dautzenberg.

Even the providers themselves are not sure when the prices are actually the lowest. "We do not really know how much cheaper it will be on Black Friday alone," says Zalando, a fashion portal spokeswoman. Programs depend, among other things, on the remaining events after discounts in earlier days: from 18 November, Zalando offers various benefits for different product groups.

"But there are many discounts up to 70 percent," the company said. Black Friday became the main income driver, said Vice President Zalando Moritz Hahn. Last year, the company received one million orders at Black Friday, four times more than on Friday.

Consumers advise, however, to warn them before they get into shopping madness. "What are the dresses when it hangs in the closet?" Asks Tryb. It recommends that you stay calm and consider, like every purchase, whether you need goods.

In the case of larger purchases, the customer should be informed as usual and request, for example, test reports. "Otherwise you later realize that the allegedly cheap television has crazy energy consumption." Customer reviews were automatically translated from German.

Get rid of the warehouses

There are always discounts, says Tryb. Focus on individual days, like black Friday, is a lot of window dressing. Sometimes, after Christmas, offers are cheaper than a multiple cyber weekend. Many merchants also tried to get rid of the composers these days – for example, last year. The NRW Consumer Center found in a sample that only few devices are among the most popular models for particularly low-power televisions. "Some providers want to get rid of unsolicited mail here," Tryba said.

Amazon sees it differently. "Our teams, when selecting offers, attach great importance to attractive products and brands," the spokesman said. Every customer can find the right contract for himself.

The price is also transparent according to Amazon: The product page shows the current price and the previous price of the company. "Customers can get a comprehensive impression."

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