Study: Withdrawal from Junkfood may cause withdrawal symptoms

Fast food is not just unhealthy fainting, it can even make us addicts, as a new study has now found. The withdrawal symptoms should be as severe as withdrawal.

Fans of unhealthy foods, who suddenly lose fries, burgers and Co, suffer from the same withdrawal symptoms as drug addicts, according to a new study published in the magazine Appetite.

Scientists at the Icahn Medical School in Mount Sinai, New York, found that "cold downloads" of highly processed foods such as fast food cause the same physical and mental symptoms as withdrawal from nicotine, alcohol or marijuana.

These include headaches, nervousness, restlessness, trouble entering and leaving sleep and mood swings.

According to their own claims, people suffered most of the symptom problems between the second and fifth day after the last meal with fast food.

"This is the exact time when drug addicts are going through the most difficult stages of their withdrawal," said Erica Schulte, a psychology doctor at Michigan University in an interview with live science.

The study went on

The researchers developed a new questionnaire based on the drug-addictive drug withdrawal report and introduced it to 200 students who had tried without a fast diet last year.

"The results show that the idea is to delete the heavily processed foods from the diet plan, as they may be addictive," says Schulte.

This study is one of the first to recognize the direct relationship between certain foods and addiction.

It has so far been known that highly processed foods and foods with a high sugar content can cause changes in the brain that are similar to those that cause alcohol or drug addiction.

Katharina Klein

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