The Cologne chocolate museum runs through the tankers

Cologne –

At midnight on the night before Tuesday, a push bandage was stuck in front of Cologne's old town.

The tanker was at full speed due to the extreme tide and could not get rid of herself.

According to information from the Water Police in Cologne, a push band was on the edge of a fairway in the southern direction on the way when it collapsed. Shortly before 11am on Tuesday afternoon, the bandage was released again.

The shuttle was closed for two hours. In total, eleven ships were to be stopped: five, the valley (Düsseldorf direction), and six, which traveled to the mountain (towards Bonn).

The danger did not exist

According to Wasserschutzpolize, there is no danger to humans or the environment. There was no leakage.

The water level in Cologne is currently 99 centimeters. At normal water levels, the value usually ranges between three and four meters. The water level in Cologne is hardly changing at present.


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