"We invite doctors and citizens to clarify the positive effects of vaccination on the day of activity, so we can save many lives."

The IFA encourages all stakeholders to share a brief report on pneumonia through social networks. "We support this idea because it enables us to reach out to large sections of the population and protect more people in the future by a suitable vaccine," says Kwetkat. To keep as little work as possible, IFA has set up a social media calendar. Use ready-made text templates, links, and images for theme notifications. Use the hashtags #WorldPneumoniaDay and #VaccinesWork and @IntFedAgeing tags with @ Vaccines4Life to share your messages.

Against pneumonia: vaccination recommendations for the elderly are added

In recent years, the DGG Vaccine Working Group has supplemented STIKO's recommendations with specific recommendations specifically for the elderly. "For a long time it has been misunderstood that the immune system of elderly patients responds differently to vaccination than younger patients," Dr. Anja Kvetkat. Knowledge of the aging of the immune system in elderly and seniors with multimorbidity should always be taken into account in vaccination recommendations. "Influenza and pneumococcal vaccines are a powerful team against pneumonia," says Kwetkat. Right now, at the beginning of the flu season, the patient's vaccination status should be checked in principle. "It is a great opportunity to close existing selections, both family doctors and patients have an obligation," says Kwetkat.

AG Vaccination DGG has the current STIKO vaccination recommendation at the turn of 2018/2019, especially for the elderly as a PDF file along with geriatriespezifischen information added.

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