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2019 Rent allowance: See how to fill in the application form

The contribution is between EUR 70 and EUR 210 and will be paid every 1 day of the following month.

Applications are only submitted electronically, via, use them of TAXISnet codeswhile electronic leasing is in force.

"The platform will be up and running in order to receive applications at any time," he said.

Steps to apply

  • Access the platform using the TAXISnet keys
  • AMKA Certified Insured
  • All necessary elements (personal, communication, income, property, household composition, etc.) will be pre-filled.
  • The recipient must fill in his rental contract number
  • If the consent of the other members of the household is required, it should be secured before applying

What amount you will receive and how long it will be given

The rent allowance for households meeting the criteria is defined as:

– For him recipient contribution: EUR 70 per month

– Pro every other member households by EUR 35 per month

On single parent family surcharge of € 35 per month.

On households with unprotected children / aan additional surcharge of EUR 35 per month is provided for each unprotected child.

Like ceiling the housing allowance is set at EUR 210 per month, regardless of household composition.


Rent is for rent smaller From the above limits, the contribution is up to the corresponding amount.

H provision of a contribution after the application and may last twelve months.

Especially on the way six months since the adoption of the authorization act and if the conditions are met, the grant is automatically renewed for a further six months.


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