Anievi: "No Super League, third event since 2024" Champions League and Juventus

The strong rejection of the creation of the Super League by major European clubs came Andreas Anieli at a joint press conference held in the presence of the President of UEFA Alexander Chepherin.

"The future is not written, but the Super League is fake." As for ECA and Juventus, we can not talk about the Super League in 2018. I talked with President Chefherin and made it clear that we have nothing to do with the documents that announced the creation of the Super League. to deny it as the president of ECA and Juventus, last time we talked about it in 2015, but since then has changed a lot, starting with the choice of Chefherin and mine, "Anieeli noted.

At the same time, a strong man of Juve and the Federation of European Companies have revealed that the agreement between FIFA, UEFA and ECA has been restored, at least until 2024.

"It is an important day for European football, FIFA has approved the ECA and UEFA proposal and we have agreed to renew the agreement by 2024. We have decided to develop European football together, the meeting was established before the documents were made available late and today together declared a positive direction We show that we want to continue our cooperation, not only until 2024, but also afterwards, and after 2024, the third event will take place, let's take a look, because we want to change the international calendar, and in January we start working to find out what can happen after 2024, "Anieli said.

Finally, Anieli clearly emphasized: "What we have today is to exclude all the great reputation clubs that have evolved, and we are happy with what we have." UEFA is not just the center of European football but world football ", he added. UEFA will take steps to make the necessary changes in different areas so that European football will continue to be connected and strong at all levels, which is also the result of its statement.

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