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Peace is currently in the polytechnic field after many hours episode which took place in the evening between the hood and the police.

Police say the people stay inside Technical University until this time.

According to the Athens Intelligence Agency, twenty-two people were arrested during the episodes following the police attack, thirteen of whom were arrested and appealed to the public prosecutor. Later, six people were arrested, with a total of 19 arrested.

Combat exarchy

The episodes began after 19:00 in the evening when Molotov bombs and stones against police officers who responded with chemical vapors and shimmering gestures began to fly, causing the situation to suffer in many places.

Young men built roadblocks on their streets Ex-files, while underground the polytechnic launched the molotov towards the police forces.

"Fugitive War" continued for several hours, with the recruitment of police officers AVRA water pump bounce off the hood and turn off flames on Molotov's pavement.

They burned the Greek flag

River flag burned with a hood during episode in Exarchia.

"Hit Me, Hit Me"

The alpha reporter, Giorgos Grigoriadis, was hit by direct fire while he was broadcast live from the Exarchy episode among the young and the MAT forces.

As was known later, the journalist is good at his health.

Intensity outside GADA

Intensity prevailed before GADA with flying men Molotov and stones. According to the reports of Alpha, the offenders were people who left the stores for the Polytechnic's anniversary and headed for Exarchia.

Episodes in Thessaloniki

However, in Thessaloniki, hood groups create barricades, the burning of plastic baskets, tables and tables, which seemed to have been transferred to Egnatia from the Polytechnic School, used as a base for launching dozens of molotov bombs, rockets, fireworks, stones and various other objects against the MAT, a few yards from the hotel, in front of Pale de Sports, the north gate of the TIF and the exhibition center.

Policemen replied with chemicals and flashes to lead them to retreat. The atmosphere was silent because the blown war went on for over two hours. A few dozen meters further west, a metro construction took off and a firefighting car arrived at the extinguishing point.

The police approached and examined their participation in the episodes.

Molotov in Patras

The 45th anniversary of the Polytechnic revolt was awarded in Patras this year with two different rallies and marches, while small episodes took place in the city center, so the police proceeded to five additions.

In particular, according to the Intelligence Agency in Athens, the first gathering took place at the National Resistance Board organized by Student and Student Clubs, the Work Center, the Patras Peace Committee and other institutions as well as Patras.

After the speeches, he began to walk along the main streets of the city that passed through the monument of Nikos Tebnoner and reached Georgiou Square.

The second meeting took place outside the former university branch on Corinth Street, where student clubs, clubs, political parties, organizations,

He then began a course in the center of Patras, which was heading toward the monument of Nikos Temonder. As the road reached near the intersection of Corinthos and Agios Nikolaos, the hoods threw Molotov bombs and petards with police forces responding with glitter gestures.

Then the bands were heading to the Hagie Sophie area, while police forces attacked five people in the police headquarters building.

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