Bayern – Olympiakos: Strenneys turned to … Munich –

Bamberg was Jane Strelney's second home for three years. From 2014 to 2017, the German team will compete and the distance to Munich will correspond to the Athens-Patras route (229 km).

At the "Audi Dome" the Olympiakos guard was found 18 months ago. It was not a long distance to feel uncomfortable. Under favorable circumstances, he helped him to return to the standards of his first Euroleague races. He recognized the … basket and in the 4th season with 10 points defeated Bayern's defense and played a key role in the development of the race, which was closed until the 35's, but ended at +10 (72-62) for Pireus.

From 28 & 30 & # 39; Strohlicek was on the pitch for a particular purpose. Kestoutis Kemzouras was revealed to him. "We wanted to get some points," explained David Blatt, a key partner who focused on the Copenhagen brand in Latvia. Defender Olympiakos was unhappy with Maccabi, he did not play with CSKA and Panathinaikos and Fenerbahce was only 2 points with 1/5 shots in 17 minutes. From the 32 & # 39; his image was comparative. He did not believe, he did not shoot – he was 0/1. From the moment he found his target, he felt unbearable.

His own points scored at Olympiakos at +5 (54-49) and the personal phase, which resulted in a goal defeat, kept him at a safe distance (59-53) before the final 4'49 "for the final. Spanoulis and his (his first) shot at 6m75 for 70-58, all in 6 minutes and 4 seconds Sprint., He retired on 11th of the day before he returned, the job has already done. , maturity and perception were words that conveyed Blat's congratulations to his players in the cabinets. "You have left excuses and gained an old-fashioned victory," he added.

Earlier in the lightning talk he talked about the fight. Such was the fact that, despite the effective night of Milutin's, Bayern was always close. She found her tip when she was with William when she was with Lutzie when she was with Copeland. "Red-white" errors were a lot for the two-handed game, more assists, and fatal rhythm was missing. At a time when Strelenice appeared with a hero's bracelet. Manna from the sky for Blatt, who did not use Mantzaris at all, and by understanding that he was missing a hardcore, he reduced the time of Williams-Gos.

What happened to three Olympiacos twins, was the Latvian guard in all two numbers? (11, 10, 10); Rather question.

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