Christopoulou: "Sometimes I want to hit Zenevia"

Zenevièe, at the time of testing a girl who had to walk on a floating bridge, saw that the girls were terrified, and as time passed, she began to yell at the girls to wake them up for a while.

GNTM: Megaj's departure caused many girls to feel better!

The little Xanthoula who walks in fashion and her movement to pull her out of her shoes as she descends from her and walks barefoot on the grass and into the winter brings the tension to the atmosphere.

GNTM: Zeneviev's ugly comment

When Iliana Papageorgiou asked Zeneviev to leave Xanthoula to go to wear other boots, Zenevieb banned her from something that bothered both Illian and Elena Christopoula.

Last, angry at Zeneviev's intense reaction, whispered to Iliana Papageorgiou, "Sometimes I want to kill Zenevi!

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