Five nights at Freddy: There are a lot of new titles going on, and that's the first piece of information

While the homonymous film was postponed

Through a long blog post, Scott Cawthon, the creator Five nights at Freddy announced his rich plans for permission. Most of them are developing in parallel and will come in 2019 because a lot of new capital comes in the FNAF universe.

Initially, the FNAF VR project achieves 40% progress and works with Steeel Wool to complete it. And it does not stop at the CoR, but also at Augmented Reality, announcing that the FNAF AR game is completed at 10% and adds that "although I can not reveal the details of the game, I will say that its upcoming downhill will keep you chasing you in the evening."

He also announced that they will have new, rebuilt and HD transports of the first five nights at Freddy Games on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. In fact, it also prepares the FNAF's conceptual game: Into Madness, which does not guarantee it will come out in preparation for the great AAA game.

Surprising Cawthon said most of the projects he says will be released and we'll learn more from the New Year.

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