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He was killed by Mayor Kalamata, the son of a cameraman who was killed by SaoTop

29/04/19 • 18:14 | UPD 29/04/19 • 18:53


Seven people were arrested for yesterday's fatal accident that cost the life of the Kostas Theodorakakis video clip

Seven people have been arrested so far for the deadly fatal accident that killed Costas Theodorakakis.

According to the police, there are six satiologists between the ages of 22 and 62, as well as the relevant municipal councilors.

After the murderer's deadly injury, there are thousands of rage comments and grievances on social networks, with a key demand to abolish the "custom" that led to the death of two fathers' father.

There are also dozens of complaints from people found in the Nedaon parking lot where the Saito war was conducted, and they condemned incomplete security measures, and young children watch the "spectacle".

Mayor Panayiotis Nikas does not share the above in his statements and said: "Satiofarm is recorded in Messina's DNA, so it can hardly be banned because it will be reactions. However, the village has been trying for years to take such measures to avoid such incidents. T.

This caused the anger of the unfortunate cameraman who said in his personal Facebook account:

"Mr. Nike, this statement doesn't honor you at all. Cordelia, and I think I'm sorry I'm not accepting it or my family. My mother knows her personally because you were a high school teacher and my father because of the great journalistic heritage he left. Yet you have chosen an easy way and political speech. Little humanity does not hurt.

The DNA of the Messinians is humanity, not just these customs. I declare publicly that I will do what goes by the hand to bring the culprit to justice, and she has since decided … I hope nothing will happen to you because you have no idea what pain and sorrow they cause.

You could avoid such incidents very well if you had a proposal and a program, but you decided to travel and not worry about the health and safety of the world following these events. My father is glad he prevented two women from approaching him and in fact prevented two more accidents.

Good success "sir" was the mayor in the upcoming election. With sadness for your statements and your attitude, the son of this unhappy man.

Meanwhile, he is shocked by the video that records the last moments just before the tragic accident and the scene where the shuttle hits an unhappy cameraman in Kalamata. A few seconds earlier, a girl who stood next to a 53-year-old man panicked, bent, and rescued the last minute as the shuttle hit an unhappy 53-year-old who filmed sabotage with his camera and the world was running right after the panic attack.

In the following video, Fotis Koutroupis, the drone is recorded drone on high-level sailfire, and after 8 minutes when space shuttle leaves are uncontrollable in the crowd, and the unhappy Kostas Theodorakakis is immediately hit on the ground while someone calls for an ambulance.

According to Saito left his shit hands and hit the camera head, fatally injuring him. The victim was rushed to Kalamata Hospital, but he was already dead.

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