In December, paper picking begins in public institutions – Newsbeast

In December, the implementation of the Digital Document Processing Project in the public sector will start, said Stelios Rallis, Secretary General for Digital Policy, from the "Thessaloniki Summit 2018" Forum, which speaks in the thematic section on innovation and technology.

"We are proud of this flagship project, which basically removes the movement of public sector paper, meaning that 23,000 operators will no longer trade among themselves, which means transparency and savings," explained Mr Rallis.

At the same time, he added that a digital portal pilot project will be launched linking all Greek government registers and all services will be provided electronically. "We start this work pilot with officials and then apply to all citizens who can get secure access to the level of banking transactions, they can do any transaction they want with the public without paper. When the service asks the citizen, it will not even ask a citizen to he pulled it directly from the person who owns the register, "he said.

Referring to the work on digital farming, which would benefit 450,000 farmers, its added value was through linking innovation and research with the academic community. "This is a project that creates 6,500 telemetric stations across Greece. We use all the modern Internet of Things Technology, which means that large data will be collected from the field, which means cloud infrastructure and everything goes back to the farmer and the producer. model production and produce very important and reliable and quality agricultural products […] By providing these open data to the academic and research community and emerging businesses to produce applications, the project will have a multifaceted value for the economy, "he said.

Believing that the digital transformation of the country is not a field of small party confrontations, the head of Digital Democracy, Telecommunications and Information on New Democracy, and the other Member of Parliament, Athens, Anna Michel Assimakopoulou, led. "Our criticism of the Department for Digital Policy is trying to be constructive and based on efficiency," he said, pointing out that "the country's digital strategy was taken with a long delay," while "funding from the European funds is not yet satisfactory". With regard to the ongoing digital transformation projects in the country, some are "problematic" and "very big market objections" and emphasize that, in addition to political will, their implementation, experience and managerial skills. He also said that in the draft government of ND, digital policy will serve through a "more flexible structure under the Prime Minister".

"I represent an important export organization," said Pericles Mitkas, Rector of the AS CR, who explains that human capital, most of whom are currently considered as the first export product in Greece, secondly oil products and capital leaked by intellectuals, Greek scientists in the host countries to € 12.9 billion. In light of the changes brought by new technologies, he predicted that "the development of artificial intelligence will be the main driver of innovation in all areas and we will see things we can not even imagine." "We can not easily predict which technology will be followed by major change, students and students learning more automatically," he said.

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