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09.11.2018 15:37

Ten of the 40 schools in the Prefecture of Pieria are closed by a response to Gavrogla's New Liceu and expulsion measures imposed on Gerakas students when they sang "Macedonia Xakousti" on October 28th.

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occupation for "Macedonia"

Students complain about measures in education and the Gavrogla Act for a New Lyceum.
The requirements are complemented by the Macedonian question. Macedonia is Greek, writes one of the banners placed on the 4th GER Katerini.
According to information: 1. GEL, 3. GEL, 4. GEL, 5. GER Katerinis, 1st and 2nd EPAL Katerini and Katerini Music School.

Episodes and tensions at the Ministry of Education

Meanwhile, there was a tension on Friday's lunch at the Department of Education when the students "smashed" the police and tried to penetrate the interior of the Ministry of Education. Demonstrators have previously confronted police officers and called on the Minister of Education to meet them.





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