Lukoun, who hunted the holiday homes at Porto Rafti, was arrested

He was arrested in a field police on Sept. 7 in Markopoule, Attica, at the security department of Southeast Attica in cooperation with the security department Markopoulou-Mesogaias, a stranger for burglary burglary in Porto Rafti.

As the survey shows that all pre-critical evidence has been used, the offender together with unfamiliar co-workers have seen houses in Porto Rafti since they were not residents, and then cut off the doors and windows of their home electrical appliances.

In some cases, the perpetrators to gain access to the interior of the home did not hesitate to separate the outer covers and guard rods home.

It should be noted that the arrested, working as a gardener in the area, had the opportunity to easily find the housing to be demolished, while in cases of police checks he could justify his presence.

At the end of the burglary, the aforementioned person turned away a lot of robbery to his country of origin in order to obtain a financial benefit.

From home were found and confiscated:

  • Electrical and electronic devices
  • Number of tools
  • Air gun
  • Knives
  • Cartridges
  • So far, fifty-six burglary cases have been detected.

The detained person was taken to a prosecutor's office in Athens while the search for identification and other similar cases continued.

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