New cloud based services with Google Cloud Identity

H Dropbox has announced the arrival of major services with the main goal of delivering more advanced security features to enterprise customers. Dropbox, which provides cloud-based file sharing services, has started to work with Google Cloud Identity (GCI) and is expanding its existing partner network with Bettercloud, Coronet and Proofpoint.

Thanks to its recent collaboration with GCI, Dropbox has more flexibility for businesses to work on platforms and devices while remaining safe.

Essentially, this is a completely autonomous service that includes many security-based identification tools called BeyondCorp, where businesses can manage users, devices, applications, and access.


How will you benefit from this new service?

The new service allows you to more easily manage your account access, and you can also sign in to the Dropbox using your Gmail username and password. In fact, if you have a business account, in addition to better account management, you will have access to other administrators to create content guidelines, check notification permissions, and correct any violations. Additionally, integration with Proofpoint will allow administrators to identify accounts that contain dangerous files.

When do we get a new service?

Dropbox said new services will be available to customers who use Dropbox for business purposes by the end of 2018.

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