Nomad: How Much Should Survivor Take over Madagascar?

Former Survivor players became "Invaders" in Nomads of Madagascar and, according to Nielsen's indicators, they smiled at ANT1.

Specifically, the number of facts has risen sharply, but did not reach first, but Amaroussion's decision makers watched the audience at 20.9% for the dynamic public and 17.6% for the audience. In fact, it reached the fourth to 26% and for males 18-24 it reached 28.4%, which justified the decision to give its players the reality of "rival".

Besides, they do not … bad, because the money is a lot!

Too many, because we made a lot of zeros to make a trunk and go to Nomad Madagascar, Yiannis Spaliaras, Stelios Hadadakakis, Kostas Anagnostopoulos, Orestis Chang, Nassos Paparipoulos, Elisavet Dolyatida, Daria Turovnik and Marianna Kallergis.

The apparition was made even by the person who also accepted the proposal to leave, but refused and was no more than Irene Kolid.

"The money I suggested from ANT1 to go to Nomads was enticing," said Happy Day's personal coach and Kostas Fragolia, adding: "Little names come from three to four thousand euros per week and a big name like Giannis Spaliaras, who I know for eight thousand weeks." Kostas Anagnostopoulos – I know well – either to sit for a week or more, to get 50 thousand euros … ".

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