Two new actions worth 650 million euros for small businesses –

According to Deputy Minister of Economy and Development, it will soon come into force

The Ministry of Economy and Development will soon implement, through the NSRF, new actions such as the "Competitiveness Toolkit" and the "Remuneration for Assistance" actions targeted at micro, small and medium enterprises of 400 and 250 million, but also "Entrepreneurship tools" of micro-enterprises small businesses engaged in retail, focus and private education, and actions on "Strengthening existing and new clusters".

This was announced by the Deputy Minister of Economy and Development, Stathis Giannakidis, at an information event organized by the economy and the development of SYRIZA at the premises of the Greek Chamber of Commerce and Industry, where he introduced a new institutional framework for microcredit. In addition, he announced that the bill on the provision of microcredit to micro, self-employed, private individuals, KALO and others who will not have access to the banking sector to raise funds will soon come to Parliament.

He explained that the "microcredit" agreement concerns the financing of up to EUR 25,000 without guarantees and mortgages to cover working capital or investment needs or leasing facilities or guarantees up to 25,000 for loans from other institutions. Access to these amounts will be provided by systemic banks or non-banking institutions such as non-governmental organizations, cooperatives, etc. Or mixed banking system systems.

"It is an instrument that will help especially those who have been affected by the crisis in recent years and who do not have access to" official "bank loans," he added, adding that "in addition to Equi Fund, Innovative Hypermarket for Newborns, , an important instrument to find financing through participation was created, including a EUR 200 million state from EPANEK, EUR 60 million from the European Investment Fund, EUR 39 million from the European Investment Bank, and from international credit institutions. EUR 400 million ".

New NSRF program

Regarding the NSRF funds, Mr. Giannakidis stated that "the Ministry of Economy and Development is facing a new challenge for our country: this negotiation of the new NSRF, for which we have the opportunity to plan the architecture and the objectives of the new co-financed programs." The aim of the new NSRF is to strengthen critical sectors with growth dynamics with innovative and external features and recalled that the position of the Greek government in these negotiations is that EU cohesion policy should become a lever for 2020 for the economic, social and territorial cohesion of all regions of the EU.

"We therefore believe that resource allocation should not be reallocated almost exclusively on the basis of regional GDP, but the impact of the crisis on the economies and companies of the Member States most affected is to be taken into account," Giannakidis added, "It is understandable that despite the obvious improvement we have achieved at all levels, we recognize that there is still room for improvement and we are working in this direction. "

He added that when the government, after a long and difficult period of time, reached the country's definitive and safe exit from the fiscal adjustment program, it implements its plan for an alternative law and a sustainable development model.

"Our next sane is to take advantage of the favorable prospects of the Greek economy that has returned to revival after 9 years," he said, adding that "after eight years of austerity measures and cuts, we are entering a phase where permanent measures for targeted tax relief, strengthening the welfare state, supporting work and entrepreneurship. "As he explained, because the size of the Greek economy is improving, government fiscal policy is focusing on a new mix aimed at strengthening the disposable income of households, supporting sustainable development and coping with chronic social protection deficits.

based on sound foundations, "he said, adding:" A new production model is supported, the heart of which is a new mix of manufactured products with high added value, ecological dimension and social conditions of production. Our approach is holistic. We address market needs and plan flexible and complementary actions to meet the real needs of the economy. "

"In addition, the government has already shown that it is able to make the most of the available European funds, as evidenced by the country's top performance over the past three years, is firmly in its first activation and absorption rate of the NSRF 2014-2020," he concluded.

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