Unknown to Vladimir Kyriakides! Check out the photo

He is undoubtedly one of the most talented actors in the country and enjoys receiving with his … persistent flirting Clelia Reneiss in the popular alpha show "Do not start Mourmura". Vladimir Kyriakidis took part in the Matilda Music Competition at the Acropolis this year, and even a woman … Miss Transtsbull!

The beloved actor turns into a woman, and the truth is that we were a bit frightened when we saw her transformation, but her success when we get out of the picture … looks confident!

A few words about the Matilda show

The AKROPOL Theater is one of the first theaters in the world, which in Athens in the years 2018-2019 represents a well-known musical instrument in Athens ««MATILDA»in text, texts and directions Themis Marsellos! From 2011 to the present, the many-time show has interrupted record-breaking tickets and prizes, winning audiences and critics at London's West End, Broadway, Australia and Canada! He has already earned more than 50 major awards in all categories and has entered GUInESS since 2012, winning the same year seven OLIVIER awards in London.

In the show, Miss Transdbull's demanding role is interpreted Vladimir Kyriakidis which will turn into a woman for the purposes of this role (which always interprets in musical interpretation). Also starring Costas Koklas, Nadia Kontogeorgi, Betty Maggira and Antigone Psychramis. The protagonists make up a 40-member company with singers, dancers, children and live orchestra.

Matilda Worwwood, a child different from the others, reads Dostoyevsky, moves his glasses with his eyes and magnetizes with her fantasy that runs at the speed of light. She really stands out from her friends, classmates and family because she decides to awaken her little look into the world of full-time TV shows, rejection, hysterical voices, threats and thunder of her family, and the tyrannical director of her school Agatha Tranzbul: "I'll change it myself!".

A small hero, unlike a modern man who has conquered and imprisoned in a society that transforms her members into oblique beings, wants to change her fate by claiming her dreams are better tomorrow and elevating her classmates. "Sometimes the class wants … ataxia"!

Will he do that?

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