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Vasso Laskarakis and Lefteris Sultatos Just Married – A Secret Marriage in Crete

Actor Vasso Laskarakis and Chef Lefteris Sultatos just got married in Crete and the announcement probably surprised several because nobody in the media knew that marriage would happen today.

Against the predictions when their marriage will take place and while the announcement in the newspaper was not a date, Vasso Laskarakis and Lefteris Sultatos married on Easter Monday, April 29 in Crete.

Estia's announcement of their marriage was written by: "Eleftherios Sultatos, resident of Kavrohori Malevizi, born in Heraklion, Crete, Michael and Sonia, genus Zervakis and Vasiliki Laskaraki, resident Kavrohori Maleviziou, born in Thessaloniki, Christos and Anastasia, genus Vamvakidou, are about to marry in Crete.

The secret was removed from the advertising lights in the Saint Crete Temple, which the actress communicated with Instastors

"His love shouted louder than her damons" wrote a post along with the hashtag Just Married!

According to, the marriage was held in a closed family circle in Agia Irini in Spilie, Heraklion, followed by a reception in the family of the Papakiati family.

Koumbares is Ritsa Papakiati and Lenia Papakiati, who is the husband of brother Christophoros Papakiatis.

The relationship between actor and Lefteris Sultatos became known last summer.

A few days ago, Vasso Laskarakis was asked to marry and without details, she said, "You won't know about marriage. Hope dies last. She died and it doesn't matter. I don't know if it will be a traditional wedding, it will show. I'm uploading photos with my partner when I feel something and I like the photo. Disease. Two or three are. Maybe the stories are more. If I like something I raise. I have no second thoughts. "

Until a few hours ago, the publication reported that the actor and their companion were making Easter in Crete and there were no signs of marriage.

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