David Schwarz demonstrates Manchester United: Everything is the same for a fee

Manchester City has entered the game this week, Manchester City midfielder David Schwart said that after Ferguson retired, the Manchester United rankings of the stunning Manchester United were respected by this team of the city.

Manchester City now has 9 points in front of Manchester United, Manchester United's last quarter has left Manchester United with a score of 19 points.

Godio has opposed the handsome: we are all good people

Since Manchester United's departure in Manchester United in 2013, Manchester City has insisted on this team, Shi Hua believes that the break point in 2011 is a big red devil fight of 6: 1.

"Since then, Manchester United has always given us more respect, since respect has always been there, but now we seem to have the right hand."

In the same season Manchester City defeated Manchester United at home with Gabriel, helping the team to win the first Premier League title.

However, Shi Hua said that compared to the victory of the high goal, Otto's victory is much more representative. The Spanish midfielder also believes that a Manchester City representative in a ball game may defeat La Liga.
David Silva, Man City

"I have not played Real Madrid or Barth, so I can not compare them directly, but La Liga is just as influential as the city."

"Manchester United is a bit lost, but I do not believe it will be over, but the current Premier League competition is too hard and there are too many hard battles like chess, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham." (Goal.com)

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