Fortress Heroes has more than 8.3 million peaks at the same time – Fortnite – Gamereactor

Everybody back to February this year, Epic proudly (and deserves) announced its popular big escape game "Fortnight (Fortnight, Chinese translation: Fortnight Night)" and the number of people on the track exceeded 3.4 million People. This is a huge amount and a few games can do. But now South Korean director of Epic Games Sung Chul Park has revealed to Inven that the number of online players has exceeded 8.3 million! To be more conceptual, there are now 12,496,576 simultaneous online Steam players (according to SteamDB), which basically means that the number of players in Fortress Hero is almost the same as Steam online players ….. That's Really amazing. Do not you think?


Thank you PC Gamer!

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