Li Keqiang Calls on Other Countries to Respect China's ASEAN Efforts to Address the South China Sea – News – Global IC Trade News

Li Keqiang urged other countries to respect China-ASEAN efforts to resolve the South China Sea problem

15.11.2018 23:48
Premier Li Keqiang said at the Summit for East Asia, held in Singapore, that the current international situation is unstable and uncertain factors are growing. Countries should continue to support the concept of harmonious coexistence, good cooperation, strengthen equal consultation, promote mutual openness and protect peace in East Asia. Stability and development and prosperity.
Li Keqiang also promoted cooperation in East Asia and proposed five proposals, including respect for multilateralism, maintaining free trade, accelerating the process of regional economic integration, promoting regional cooperation in sustainable development, and implementing dialogue and cooperation in the field of political security.
He added that the current situation in the South China Sea has stabilized. The Chinese side has proposed to consult the "Southern China Code of Conduct" over the next three years so that regional countries can maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea, free trade and navigation, and freedom to fly and hope for support.

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