Tesla plans to introduce a new generation of compressor in 2019

Elon Musk recentlyfrom

He announced on Twitterfrom

Tesla plans to double the size of the Supercharger charging station by the end of next year. He also believes that within the company's efforts, "Supercharger" will cover "95% to 100%" of all "active markets". Since Tesla also said that last year it will increase the total number of compressors to 18,000 in 2018, but now the number of official websites is still only 11,414 in the coming year. The fact that Musk is like praising the appearance of Haikou.

In addition, Tesla's boss also revealed that the V3 compressor version will be announced early next year. This new generation of rechargeable solutions, which are said to significantly increase efficiency, has been postponed several times (this should be according to the original plan), I hope this time will not be skipped this time.

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