We will show you the first Ferrari, which was driven not only in the rear but also on the front wheels. Super rare and its value is invaluable.

In 2011, Ferrari first presented the first four-wheel drive production model to the public at the Geneva Motor Show. It was a four-piece FF with a 660-liter V12 6.3 liter suction engine, which was recently replaced by the GTC4 Lusso in the Italian manufacturer's range.

Many do not know that FF was not the first four-wheeler Ferrari. The owner of this title is Ferrari 408 4RM, whose first copy was released in June 1987. This was 70183, known for its red polishing and welded stainless steel body.

Another prototype was made in September 1988: copy 78610 got a glued aluminum body that glows yellow.

From 408 marked 40 indicates a stroke volume of 4.0 liters and a 8th cylinder. 4RM means "4 Ruote Motrici", which means all-wheel drive in Italian.

The 300 hp V8 engine finally has a peak torque of 373 Nm for lead-free drive. With a five-speed manual switch, the Ferrari is 4.2 meters long, 1.88 meters wide, and just 1.2 meters high.

A yellow copy of the Ferrari 408 4RM, heavier than 1.3 tons, can be viewed at the maranello museum manufacturer. This is not the most beautiful Ferrari ever made, but according to bad languages, the basic form of the 408 4RM liked Honda so much that it was the iconic NSX, which was ultimately more harmonious.

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