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Bad Poems won the Hungarian Film Award for Best Feature Film

Bad poems win the Hungarian Best Film Award in 2019. A total of 19 awards were awarded at Vígszínház in Budapest, a total of 19 categories at the award ceremony for cinematography.

Best Director Gábor Reisz was selected for Wrong Poems. Best female protagonist Zsófia Szamosi (One day) became the best male star of the Hungarian Film Award Géza D. Hegedűs (Butcher, whore and one-eyed). The best first film award went to Ruben Brandt, one day collector, the best full body animation. Winner of the Audience Award Goda Krisztina his film BÉÉK.

Best Screenplay Award Zsófia Szilágyi and Man-Várhegyi Réka (One day). Best Photo Award Transylvania Mátyás (Sunshine), Hungarian Best Film Award Zsófia Tálas (Poems Poor). With the best recognition of music he died in 2018 László Melis (Sunshine).

The best man is a helper Zsolt Nagy (Butcher, Whore and One-eyed), Best Female Actress, Lili Monori (Wrong Poems). Ágnes HavasAt the gala evening, the President of the Hungarian National Film Fund emphasized: there was never so much money for Hungarian films, today it is available for HUF 10 billion a year to support Hungarian and feature films.

He has played a key role in the structure of the new film support system over the past eight years Andy Vajna – awarded Ágnes Havas, recently deceased film producer and film director. He added that last year, there were 15.6 million cameramen in Hungary, 500,000 more than in 2017. In 2018, thirty Hungarian feature films were presented, attracting more than a million people.

Members of the Hungarian Film Academy chose nominated Hungarian film awards and winners among 21 feature films and 3 feature-length animated films presented at the 5th Hungarian Film Week.

In addition to Andy Vajna, they also remembered the director Ferenc Kós and Imre Kerényi who died last year at the gala evening; Ottó Szokolai, József Székhelyi, Balázs Tardy, György Matus, Bela Spindler, József Kautzky, Tamás Ádám, István Uri, Béla Paudits and László Tahi Tóth; János Koós, actor-singer, as well as György Baló and Endre Aczél, television editors.

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