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Child criminals have delayed the actor who is the child culprit in the new Italian film

A group of teenagers set out on a Ukrainian actor in Naples and created a young gang member in a new film based on Robert Savian's novel, an Italian journalist investigator.

Eighteen-year-old Artem Tkacsuk is one of the protagonists of Piranhas, Savian's bestseller, based on La Paranza dei bambini, a group of very young criminals. children's bands show the world of brutal violence in the southern metropolis.

The actor was delayed in Naples on Sunday, defeated by his friend. Tkacsuk was taken to the hospital, his life was not in danger.

Photo: Gregor Fischer / dpa / AFP

The authorities are investigating whether the attack is related to the participation in the February Best Berlin Screenplay by Claudio Giovannesi.

In the name of the fight against the spread of the baby boom, the League's radical right-wing government supports this law and reduces the age of punishment from 14 to 12 years.

According to the Child Protection Organization, 6.5% of young people in Naples are one of the children's belts.

The film's author, Roberto Saviano, has been under the protection of the armed forces revealing the mafia since the publication of the World Mafia book, Gomorrah in 2006.

Recently, the Italian Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, sued the writer because he called him the underworld minister and the fool. Saviano said he was brave, unlike Salvini, who was behind the Senate just not to be charged with kidnapping. According to Saviano's forceps Salvini is now attacking not only writers but also freedom of speech. (via MTI)



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