Does the liquid lens come from Huawei?

2020.12.01 | GsmArena

Testing of the so-called Huawei liquid lenses has already reached its goal.

The latest report, which comes directly from China, states that Huawei’s so-called liquid lenses have reached the final stage of testing. This lens will provide a higher level of image stabilization and focusing power for future high-end models. As a result, the focusing time decreases to a few milliseconds depending on the focusing time of the human eye.

Does the liquid lens come from Huawei?

This technique was first used with telephoto lenses. In this case, as the lenses move, the liquid changes shape, ensuring that the correct light is focused. According to a reliable leak, the Sony IMX782 sensor will be connected to a lens that has not yet been announced, but has already been indicated for use in a telephoto lens.

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