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Dominikn is the Olympic champion of Hungary

Exatlon Hungary was completed in the 5th century, by Rajmund Fodor, who was the highest, oldest and heaviest runner on TV2. He told Blikk that during the Dominican Revolution he had something he didn't want to do.

The 43-year-old double Olympic champion vzilabdz, defeated pntek, lost 102 kg.

"Everyone I go home with has 10 to 12 kilograms of jackets. I'll do it, my body just stepped out, so I got rid of it. " – Turn off.

He liked Exathlon, he also experienced things he shouldn't.

"I knew the growth I never had before. How to do it … It wasn't treated once because I didn't live more than a day." I wonder what our grandparents could be under wine when there was nothing. Although we got a daily meal to eat and we could have a gym in the sun, but I was always hes, ”said Fodor Rajmund, who is trying to keep his shape.

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