He kicked his opponent and saw Supercross

Quite strange things are suspicious Leandro ParedesZenit argentinian midfielder. St. Petersburg players played at home against Akhmat Grozniy at the weekend, winning 1-0, a 24-year-old player at 83 minutes. He had two yellow balls in the game, both of them after a foul, slipped for the first time from the back, then stretched, and the two judgments were justifiable.

We might think the story is here, but no, the player has to explain. Paredes was a big fan of Boca Juniors at the club and also played the first team. Boca reached the finals of the Libertadores Cup and the opponent will be the River Plate, which means that the two Superclips will be held in South America. The first match will be on Saturday, while Zenit will be on a Sunday tour of Moscow on the CSZKA track.

Many people think that Paredes stood on the top of the Boca River.

"Lies, it does not make sense here, only someone invented it in Argentina and that's it, I would never do it right … Once people started talking to Zenit's sports director, they told me they believed me," explained Paredes, who was released three times in his life, always with the second yellow card.

Here are two discrepancies, everyone can decide whether they have red together intentionally:

Putting into operation: Mike Kireev / NurPhoto

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