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Hockey: Where is hockey in b? – gallery

The Hungarian Men's Hockey Team will start at 8:30 in this year's World Championship, but exactly where? The capital of Kazakhstan has changed its name in March, instead of Astana it is now called Nur-Sultan, and has many interesting things to get to the ice rink.


Nur-Sultan still includes Astana tracks (Photo: Tumbász Hédi)

As always, the International Ice Hockey Association, IIHF, decided last May to host this year's World Championship and this year's event, including a competition this week for an adult team of our men.

This division is home to the capital of Kazakhstan, which at the time of its appointment was called Astana – which is otherwise the capital – but on 19 March 2019 was renamed Nur-Sultan in honor of Nursultan Nazarbayev Head of State.

However, renaming is a time-consuming process – in practice, this means that Parliament has voted for it, but it only takes some time for all tables and headlines to be used in everyday life. For example, the first lines and badges that arrive here are Air Astana machines at Nassarbanev Nazarbayev International Airport, and as we approach hockey vB, this name is also on blue-yellow posters under the IIHF logo. However, this approach is not only geographic, but also time travel, because coming from the airport inside and turning to the lobby, it seems that this city – how to say it – once dreamed someone and has since been done, still unfinished.

Where not only pits have been excavated, there are cranes on the endless side of the steppe, with residential complexes, office buildings and sports facilities. For example, our hockey players play in the stunning Baris Astana hall (and not yet Nur-Sultan) at the second best championship in Russia, the Russian KHL, but next to the velodrome bike is another ice center, plus the FK Astana stadium, Astana Arena. – not even Nur-Sultan … The three corners of the ice center are complemented by a conical building that hides the hotel, the velodrome is like a UFO, the top of the football stadium can be covered – but it has also come in between them because fifty meters from the ultra-modern football playground, several families live on the trash trail, water is well pumped from the garden and stray dog ​​run around the beard. For example, there is a nearby yet distant skating rink: God knows how high on the high tech projector on the front glass wall of the golden baris arena rises across the main road to six lanes.

There is also a huge projector in the fan zone behind the football stadium, which is connected to volleyball by an unstable overpass, but has been raised by a plastic yurt, the iconic hall in Stockholm, a white hemisphere resembling a globe, a stage and so many meals. Before you start playing games, you can have fun here if you like anyone. In fact, the best fan camp in the world, Hungarian, usually feels like this, and sometimes the national team looks on stage to say goodbye to the end of the pilgrimage world – so we'll probably talk about this area …

Meanwhile, the hall, the chair in front of the TV, or any Internet-connected device, because at 8:30 am the World Cup begins with our game against South Korea, which is announced on NSO with live lyrics and then comes the game reports and photos.

You'll have something to watch!

8.30: HUNGARY – SOUTH KOREA (TV: Sport1) – live on NSO!
12.00: Lithuania-Belarus
4:00 pm: Slovenia-Kazakhstan (TV: Sport1)

Bence Bálizs (MAC Újbuda), Ádám Vay (DVTK Polar Bears)
defenders: Macaulay Scott (MAC Newbuda), Pozsgai Tamas (MAC Újbuda), Bence Stipsicz (Fehérvár AV19), Dániel Szabó (Fehérvár AV19), Bence Szvezi (Polar Bear DVTK), Varga Arnold (UTE), Wehrs Kevin (Tölzer Löwen – Germany)
invaders: István Bartalis (Schwenningen – Germany), András Benk (UTE), Christopher Bodó (MAC Újbuda), Csanád Erdély (Fehérvár AV19), Galló Vilmos (Timra – Sweden), János Hári (Fehérvár AV19), Bálint Magosi (DVTK Jegesmedvék) Gergő Nagy (FTC-Telekom), Krisztián Nagy (MAC Újbuda), Sarauer Andrew (Fehérvár AV19), István Sofron (Fehérvár AV19), István Terbócs (MAC Újbuda), János Vas (DVTK Polar Bears)
EXTRAORDINARY GUNS: Nicholas Rhine (MAC Newbuda)

5th April
–Sweden 3–4
April 10th
– Poland 2–1.
12th April
– Poland 4–2
April 17th
–Slovenia 7–4
April 20th
–Italy 6–1
21st April
– UK 1-3

April 29th
South Korea, 8.30
April 30th
Belarus, 15.30
May 2nd
Lithuania, 8.30
May 3rd
Slovenia, 15:30
May 5th
Kazakhstan, 15.30
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