In front of him they closed the subway door, so in the anger of B. Justin announced that two little girls had fallen between the rails.

The man crossed the subway, closed the door in front of him, and in his anger BKK said the two little girls were in the rails, said the police headquarters in Budapest.

A 23-year-old man reported on the emergency call a few minutes before Tuesday at 20:00, so two girls at Bikás Park stop in front of the subway. The dispatcher immediately disconnected the subway and announced the security service.

Later, however, it turned out that B. Justin in Budapest unjustifiably reported an emergency situation, so the dispatcher announced the Operations Management Center of the Budapest Headquarters. Until the police came to the scene, the security service kept him.

Metro 4

The arriving patrols of B. Justin were arrested on the ground and made in XI. District Police Directorates, where investigators questioned the disruption of a public interest facility as a criminal suspect. (


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