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In 1990, a veterinarian who lived in Látrán in Somogy County sent his child from home for lunch. When a seven-year-old girl clutched food to the Red Ridge restaurant, she saw something she should never have. The former high-ranking MSZMP politician tried to persuade the people gathered in the restaurant to vote for them in the first free Hungarian elections. When the politician looked at the child, he did what the world did, politicians when they saw the child during the campaign: he stepped in and stroked his head.

The politician was named Gyula Horn and the girl was named Gaec Cecilia. He probably did not think it would be much closer to great politics.

In recent years, Cecilia Rogán-Gaál has become a major player in Hungarian public life. While she only appeared for a long time as Antal Rogan's wife, he has grown into an independent entity in recent years: he has set up businesses and his company sales have started to rise; more and more clothing brands are promoting with his face, and his name has been found in many political scandals. Most recently, those HVG headlines that were on the street were not on the street.

Although he has lived in the public for more than a decade, we know little about her, so we asked a few people who were familiar with or familiar with this article. Many people have unusually rejected this, and who was willing to do so because of the subject's sensitivity, with only an unnamed name.

As usual, we talked about creating a portrait first for Rogan-Gaal Cecilia through Nakama & Partners and asking on Facebook if she would be willing to have a personal meeting. A few days later, a lawyer came up with information about the content of the article you want to publish. He indicated that he did not want him to be interviewed or to take part in any form in the article, and that his lawyer's position was that "his client would generally not be considered a public official".

Daughter of Horn's fan

Cecília Rogán-Gaál was born in Balatonlelle in 1983 and was approaching great politics all the time. At the time of regime change, his father was asked by József Antall to launch an MDF with an individual representative in the first parliamentary elections. Antal Gaál, a veterinary surgeon, fulfilled this criterion when searching for a locally known man.

Dr. Antal Gaál

Dr. Antal Gaál


Not many people thought they could create a laurel in constituency # 4 where socialist grandfather Gyula Horn opened the Austro-Hungarian border in front of television cameras shortly before the East German refugees. According to Gaal, it was during the election campaign that the former socialist grandfather caressed his child's head.

Despite his kind gesture, Horn stepped out to a great surprise. Although he was proud to win in the first round, in the second he returned to Gaal, small farmers and free democrats, who managed the district with more than a thousand votes and became parliamentarians. (At that time, socialist voters said that "Gyula Horn was not lost in District 4, but the region lost Gyula Horn.")

Gaál was actively involved in the work of the Parliament, was a member of the Defense Subcommittee, the Committee on Agricultural Work and the Tourism Committee, and played a relatively large role in the media. However, in the 1994 election, he was not on the MDF list and could not win in his constituency himself.

Gaál wanted to remain in politics, and as a candidate for the Hungarian Democratic People's Party, leaving MDF in 1998, he did not win. He did not try to get to parliament more than once, in 1999 he told the press as veterinarians: in the summer he managed to drive exotic animals of the Metropolitan Circus on the outskirts of Balatonlelle.

It wasn't for an academic career

During his years at Fonyod High School, one of the institution's teachers said Rogan-Gaal is a kind, fashionable student. "I recall the boys are dilapidated," the teacher said, saying that today's ministerial wife "is not a spectacular, persecuting leader," although some kind of exhibitionism was a teenager. At the same time, the teacher would not realize that such a course would come to the pupil.

Rogan-Gaal began playing tennis at the age of eight, during the high school years he was a top player in the Balatonboglar team. “I remember Cilire as a very precise, hardworking man on the tennis court and outside.

In tennis, if he did not have the best quality, he was able to balance and achieve what was in his effort, devotion and devotion.

The coach of Balatonboglár Rudolf Black told the Index. He says he tells the minister a lot about two courses at the same time after university. He studied tennis at the College of Physical Education and at ELTE as a political scientist.

Cecília Rogán-Gaál (middle) as a student of a grammar school in the women's team of BalatonBoglár Tennis Club SE

Cecília Rogán-Gaál (middle) as a student of a grammar school in the women's team of BalatonBoglár Tennis Club SE


She was not a prominent student at ELTE, nor at HÖK, instructor and academic student circles. Most of the Institute of Political Science was surprised at the time when Cecilia Rogan came to attention. Of course, they were the ones who remembered it.

She was a nice, friendly girl, but I thought I wouldn't have a career in university-academic, so I wasn't surprised by the development of her future career.

He wrote from a university professor. The student's companion remembered him as a modest, modest personality, "he had no alleles, no dressing at all." Though they knew each other only superficially, "the conservative vision of the world has already manifested itself," said a student who participated in the political psychology course in the mid-twenties. According to him, Rogan-Gaal was not the first to be in a very typical way, but he spoke at the end of the room, but took his marks seriously.

I think you wouldn't believe it at that time if they told him what the lifestyle would be in 10 years

The former classmate said, remembering that Rogan-Gaal "did something" in Fidelitas quarterly before meeting her husband. The question of what he wanted to do with political science was "referring to Fidelitas in the middle of a joke at the time," he said.

The University has already been completed by Antal Rogan, Mayor of the 5th District Mayor, and Tibor Navracsics was the consultant for his work. Title of the thesis: Changing the role of the state after regime change in Hungary.

The word was diverted from work

According to Rogan, they met in the fall of 2006, but they did not always remember the circumstances of the first meeting. “Five months ago we met at an exhibition in the city center. He stood behind me, tapped my shoulder and called for coffee. At first I said no because he knew from television that he was not at all likeable. Then we changed a few sentences and changed our minds, ”said Blikka's wife at the time of her request.

Year 2010 Mr and Mrs Rogan-Gaal said in the opening celebrity video that "the first meeting was actually an interview, I wouldn't call it a date," and then cut, and then the only mayor of District V, smiling, told the camera that

it was a very impressive decor.

In a video that has been removed from the Internet but available in NAVA, the Minister's wife continues: "I didn't get the job but the data followed." According to Bors' article three years ago, Rogan-Gaal was a graduate when he was contacted for work, but politician Fidesz "redirected the conversation in a different direction soon after the interview". Rogan would use his later wife anyway.

This narrative is also reinforced by the fact that one of ELTE ÁJK's speakers recalled that the Minister, currently the Director of the Office of the Government at the Prime Minister's Office, "employed many students, especially women," as mayor of the district. A few months after they met them, they married together one year after their first date.

The couple lived their lives from the first moment to the tabloid, Rogan asked his girlfriend in the presence of Blikka, and at their wedding in the basilica the entire Hungarian press could follow the first line when they said happy yes. (There are only a few of those who are well known at the time, but Árpád Habony is already well known.)

Mediterranean style

Although Rogan-Gaal initially appeared in public as a young couple of politicians, his wife did not play a subordinate role in her relationship for a moment, despite the difference between the age of 11 and their status. In fact, they already told them in the first joint interview

She regularly transfers your cell phone to her husband, focusing on her so she can find it occasionally.

He says as loudly as he is divorced, sits in a car, leaves and goes by taxi, ”said Rogan TV2. According to their acquaintances, the situation has not changed since 2010: when there is a conflict, Rogan-Gaal regularly distributes, teaches her husband, and also publicly calls the minister for her son.

My is always the last word

The wife summarized the situation, according to her own acceptance, because of her temperament. "This Mediterranean style was unbelievably unusual at first, but my marriage works," a politician said at Playboy in 2010. In his opinion, his tensions come straight from his wife and throw him out.

Not only did Rogan-Gaal affect this husband. Many people are attached to the glasses and fashionable pieces have appeared in the dressing room. It is also a recurrent view among politicians that Rogan, who is himself a peasant child, has taken his marital luxury spending, which later became a political issue. It is clear that TV2 has recognized that Rogan-Gaal likes to spend two of them.

According to them, they do not go to politics, just "let go" or, if possible, appear with their husband. When Rogan was mayor in the city center, Rogan-Gaal was with him at most city events, in 2014 he was the only political wife of Victor Orban's victory speech on the whale stage and directed Orban's cocktail a few years ago before the premiere on March 15th. ,

Black girl in black blouse with closed blouse

Growing up in five thousand settlements, Rogan-Gal likes to flourish in Budapest, imagining his rural life. She wanted to be in the spotlight, dreamed of being on the TV show, but because of her conservative family background, she couldn't be interested in fashion for a long time:

My mother always dressed to make my appearance quite conservative. I was a closed blouse, black skirt, pantyhose. I usually choose tasteful, finer things. There has never been an example of someone to advise on what the public should wear. I don't wear fashion designers' clothes, just a wedding was an exception. I don't even have my favorite stores

He said in 2010. Since then she has performed at several fashion shows, but her statement is in the shadows and in 2010 she returned to the Budapest fashion showrooms.

"He hasn't been with Anan Rogan yet when he brought us a girlfriend. Desire, need, was already there, even though he couldn't afford to wear designer clothes, "said former fashion center chief. At that time, the cost of the dress was between 250 and 400 thousand forints.

At the same time he bought a lot with Tamás Náray, Annas Pásztor and recently with Péter Merőm for his favorite designer. He confessed to his bold question that they often turned to him with Katka Sarka, but didn't want to talk about it anymore.

Birthday in the gym

Rogan-Gaal is not only demanding on his clothes, but he also deals with his character from his second child. As a result, it was not just on the front page of the Fitness magazine, but it advertised shape-shaped dresses that appeared on street billboards or as the face of Instagram tennis equipment.

A strong circle of friends

According to her friends, she had a few friends from Balatonlelle, Fonyód, but since her university years she has been in close contact with the people she met after her wedding. Kata Sarka differs from the front she met with Peter Hajda, a nurse with good contact with Rogan Antall. Their relationship deepened when their first children were born almost simultaneously. When divorced, Sarka said he moved to Rogan before joining the minority minority owner István Bessenyei.

Together with Teasa Vajna they appeared in several places in Istagram, but with Andy Vajna's widow it is said that the relationship is not so calm. Among other things, it caused less tension, which Rogan-Gaal did not look good, while Timea Vajna could go to Aspen with his private flight and could not do so as a wife of his prime minister because of financial possibilities. This issue has also been resolved with Nakama & Partners running.

Péter Szentgyörgyvölgyi is the mayor of the city and his family, Balázs Kertész and his first wife, Antal Sándevend and his husband, Ágost Gubicza are also included in the narrower circle.

Headquartered in Oxygen Wellness, the most prestigious patisserie in Budapest. According to those who take part in it, they train a lot with Katka Sarka and a personal trainer, but she goes to confuse herself. Though they spend a lot of time there, they say that they are not really closing up with others, which is retreating in some people, because in Oxygen we have a "friendship among the chosen", they are linked by the feeling "we can do". The daily ticket to Oxygen is 10 thousand and the annual rent is 480 thousand HUF.

Many people have described it as a cruel phenomenon among those in the gym, "talking a little louder than well-educated", and even a small curse of "just shit" is strange to him when he's in a heavy bike. According to another source, this is not the type of person who fights clenched teeth, instead of giving up difficult tasks or doing it irregularly.

I look very much at people who decide to change something to their advantage. Surgery is painful, it must be very painful for man, and Cili does everything that is a model. I feel unfair about being so fucking

He said one of his acquaintances about his shaping. According to another source, Rogan-Gaal spreads his private Facebook page almost every day to what he trained, apparently "very important to him always being perfect". This impression is enhanced by the fact that the gym is always dried with hair and grinding.

According to them, the minister's wife is not only engaged in sports in Oxygen, but is also dealing with Sarka. "She always talks to some men in the restaurant or on the terrace, dressed in business, and they always watch if they're being watched." The place grew so much that the gym's last birthday was in the gym. Imre Rakonczai and TV2 reader Gábor Gönczi, Smile, also attended the event.

It links relationships

Although Rogan-Gaal is a tabloid player since 2007, only after the birth of his second child, he has been appearing in public life in recent years. The Hot! magazine:

Hopefully I will fulfill my role as a woman and a mother and I would like to marry myself. Maybe it's a little unusual or cold, but it's me (…) I'd like to have fun in my skin, if you like, take yourself

He also said at the time that "I do not feel at all an independent factor for everyone because I am still a woman, a mother and a working woman, like most of my fellow citizens in the country." The design of the working woman's image was so fast that she was invited to the Free University Balál in 2016. What if I'm big? Mother and / or working woman for a round table discussion where she couldn't go because of the children.

All this happened only a few weeks after it turned out that as executive director of Nakama & Partners they were judged by the beauty contest. In a joint venture with Šárka Katka, she soon became a minority and then a majority shareholder. According to his business partner, Rogan has "very good ideas, good ideas about situations and a good relationship between them".

Perhaps because of this, their company tripled in one year. And the huge value is that 221 million net profits from $ 517 million in 2017, which means they have increased their profits thirty times compared to the previous year. Business success can be explained by the fact that their company produces TV2 TV programs and one of the public television channels and Imre Rakonczai's monthly live piano in Budapest is organized at Fröccsterasz, one of the NER's centers.

Rogan-Gaal and Sarka seem to have come out of business so well that they founded a new media company a few months ago. Top World News they bought was named start-up startup Tibor Kasza.

You can spend as much as you want

Since Rogan-Gaal emerged as an independent actor, his name appeared in several political evils. The loudest was when they went to a celebrity with a helicopter before their invalid quota voting, and then they were taken away by a luxury Mercedes from Budaörs Airport. The Minister then resisted not paying for any of the trips because he was "controlled by his wife as a clever merchant." According to the story, the company operating the helicopter paid Nakam on Facebook.

Shortly thereafter, Péter Juhász said that Cecília Rogán was wearing the same 2.5 million Rolex that Fidesz media had attacked László Botek, Mayor of Szeged. A few weeks ago, the minister was shot on the terrace of a five-star Roman hotel. While Antal Rogan was the only family seeker and knew exactly how much he paid on paper, the opposition received ammunition for several weeks, such as what caused the politician to run II. a luxury flat.

However, as Cecilia Rogan, as a successful business woman, is looking for hundreds of millions of people with her company, it is not a matter of going to Givenchy's 180,000 TV.

The question can no longer be asked to Antal Rogan, what makes his wife like that, but at least in the eyes of the voters. However, according to one of our Fidesz interior resources, this is not a problem. "Tons measure all political decisions or phenomena with the focusing group and

the lifestyle of the so-called NER wives is probably not among the top ten electoral problems

– Our source is clarified.

Within Fidesz, there are different views on whether the rapid and outbreak of success has changed and, if so, how many Rogan Cecilia. According to one of our partners, "Toni stayed on the ground in two feet, but his wife was impressed if she could go to the lagoon with a helicopter. For Toni, strength and influence are more important than money, but for his wife it is the other way around. I knew a politician long ago, Rogan's behavior "doesn't seem to be more serious" as a district mayor. "But his wife acts like a football woman whose husband Blasst 1 in series A".

However, Rogan Cecilia's interview partner, who from the beginning knew that "despite the grand achievements, Cili remained the same enthusiastic person he had in opposition to collect signatures." In his opinion, "Tony got a lot of nasty attacks and his wife was always behind him." He summarized his view that "I wish all women were like Cili".

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