Index – Meanwhile – A couple from a restaurant reservation for a missed wedding helped those who needed it

Most airline couples had to cancel their wedding this year or take it back from their planned guest and celebration list due to the coronavirus epidemic.

At the same time, the American couple: Emily Bugg and Billy Lewis decided not to lose the lagzi price already paid in advance and rather to help those who need it.

Bugg and Lewis had plans for a huge wedding, but due to the epidemic, it was not possible to have the planned number of guests there, but the $ 5,000 meal had already been paid for.

The couple therefore asked the restaurant if they could give the ordered meals as a Thanksgiving dinner to those in need, so they managed to help 200 people with mental illness and drug addiction on Thanksgiving.

The owner of the catering company said the following about the case:

They asked [Bugg és Lewis]: “Could we do something good with our reservation?” Most couples ask for money back or are simply thinking about giving up the situation in a restaurant. The fact that Bugg and Lewis want to do something for good is simply gratifying.

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