Index – Sport – The first part of the chess game is played with a draw

In London, World Champion Magnus Carlsen (27) and Fabiano Caruana (26) were born today. If Caruan succeeds, he may be the first American chess champion since the legendary victory of Bobby Fischer in 1972 via Boris Spaski.

Two drivers are also preparing for a $ 1 million prize. For a long time there are no examples of such balanced matches: the world position is 2835 Carlsen live points, ahead of 2832 points for Caruana.

The opening of the tournament was made by American actor Woody Harrelson, who completely failed because he accidentally dropped King Caruana and did not understand his instructions.

Caruana, the first choice in the world, chose Sicilian protection. The US Grandmaster was relatively quick with severe pressure, and in 17 he made a big mistake and in 20 minutes he had 20 tactical disadvantages to stop his time.

On stage 40, Caruan had only 3 seconds, but at that time 50 minutes were allowed. But in the same round, Carlsen made a mistake, and although he had all the strategic advantages, the check slipped, and the analysts were increasingly making sure that if no one had fired a hat, the match ended with a tie. It ended after 7 hours (!).

If 12 matches end in tie, they are fast pawns and then a quick final. If the task ends, the dark master will be the new world champion.

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