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Although they were threatened by a one-year or two-year ban on the long Katina International Swimming Federation (FINA), they could not frighten the triple swimmer of the Olympic champions. Long ago, along with many known floats, FINA threatened to announce its intention to go to an unknown ISL organization from 20 to 21 December 2018 in Turin, to be held just days after the World Cup Short Track,

As reported on Thursday, Insidethegames said FINA imposed severe sanctions against all those who launched the opening ceremony of the new International Swimming League series. In a series called Counter-World Cup, swimmers have previously announced their participation as Long Katinka, British Adam Peaty or South African Olympic Champion Chade le Clos.

However, the fines imposed by FINA did not affect Longa at all.

Katinka participates in the short-term and ISL competitions

"King Kiss, the head of the ship's chief, said Saturday morning in Bors, his long reaction being suspicious on Thursday, because on Thursday, on his Faceebok site, he made this picture and text and responded to the news.

"If it's a competition, I'll be there! I'm just waiting for a competition for the December Energy Race in Turin, Italy."

Gergő Csurka of the words quoted in the newspaper of the press of the Hungarian Swimming Federation also revealed that Long itself does not threaten the threat of FINA, and even Sarah Sjöstrom and Adam Peaty suggest that FINA has no character but starts in Toronto.

According to Csurka, FINA has confirmed the resignation of spin-off spells, and threats and rising prizes are expected to be the best swimmers in the world in China. According to the POR press officer, it is unlikely that FINA will actually raise the threat and ban the best swimmers of our time.

The long Katinka had two more Hungarian vessels, as the organizers also invited László Cseh and Dávid Verrasztó to the ISL tournament in Turin.

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