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In Europe, you can also launch a pay mobile payment system across the continent. Thanks to today's leading market players, banks can pick up their gloves by technology giants, including Google and Apple. Among the mobile payment systems, norvg AUKA recently introduced Settle, which is specially designed for the European market and was delivered to Orgo.

Daniel Dderlein, the start of norvg mobile payment, the AUKA leader in Budapest, also introduced the mobile payment system in Szeged. Settle is a cg platform for more than one. Technology and developer are provided by a Norwegian firm, and partners who join the system are responsible for both business and consumer services.

Norvg will be marketed in all EU Member StatesForrs: Auka

"If a bank, a telecommunication company or a company wants to launch a mobile payment system today, there are three ways to do it: Or, the system or the ltez system or by giving it a license, puts it under the carrot or puts it in a partner in the mkd system, which is a solution for Settle, "said Dderlein.

Auka has acquired all rights worldwide for all EU members, has experience and technology. They come with sockets, telecommunication chips that have access to distribution hotspots and appear on mobile phones.

Cg Hungary is also looking for partners.

On the Consumer page, there is a Settle smartphone app that you can use to create or edit a contact from your contacts phone book. You can switch to bank or credit card or river bank across the system to pay for a payment. Passenger cars must accept a package that can be used inside the system, you can use it for payment, but you can charge it for bankroll. With the application you can not only pay but also pay salary. This is very useful in many cases. For example, if you pay a larger amount in the room, you can pay for the first time.

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Founded in 2010, Auka is one of the first solutions for mobile payment systems. The mCash appointment system was the first mobile payment platform in Norway that took place in the afternoon and sent thousands of customers out of the box. Mobile payment systems cg S-a-a-S (software as a service) are used by banks as cheese and provided to consumers and buyers. Auka meets PCI banking systems standards and has allowed the world to fully subscribe to the Google Cloud platform.

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