Legionnaires: masterpiece with two bombs – a great day in Szobosla!

With Dominos dominated by Szaboszla Dominik, FC Liefering defeated the second team of Innsbruck in 4-1 in the 14th round of the Austrian second league football. The 18-year-old Hungarian midfielder fired his first goal from the offensive and then hit an 18-meter-high shot and free kick.

Domosławi Dominik (second in second) is in his most memorable match so far in the Austrian second division (Photo: Twitter / FC Liefering)

Dominic's career Domoski played the most memorable match in the Austrian second row! The age group picked up talent in the 15th minute from penalty led to the second team in Innsbruck and after the break he became the hero of the match: at the beginning of the guts With an area of ​​18 meters He changed his position to 3-1 and reached one in the last quarter free kick target ended 4-1.

Szoboszlai has tripled for the first time in the Austrian second division, which has eight meetings for six goals and four assists this season.

Liefering finished five times in this victory and reached seventh in the table.

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