may send the federal captain home because he did not follow the legal rules and failed

Ambros Martn, the federal captain of Russia’s women’s volleyball team, who also works at Gyr, has launched a serious fight against the coronary armies at the European Central Volleyball Championships in Dna. Now the EHF is investigating the case, Martin can be sent home.

All teams ni kzilabda Eb in the defended red bubble l. The essence is that the lvk inside can not leave it and can not contact those who are not inside the bubble.Ambros Martn, on the other hand, broke the rules because he had an interview with Russian Federal Secretary Kzilabda Denis Bogomolov. All this was recorded on television and knocked Martin to the ground. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that the Russian sports leader did not wear a mask.

Ambros Martn, a former Gyr coach, is now in charge of the Russian vlogat. At the European Championships in Denmark, he fought hard against the coronary sabersForrs: AFP / Charly Triballeau

The European National Football Association (EHF) watched the footage recorded on TV 2.It’s not about that. We have worked hard on the safety rules of the European Championships and we have clearly told everyone what can and cannot be “- said one of the EHF employees.

Martin Hausleitner, secretary of the EHF, confirmed that lawsuits had been filed against the Russian troublemaker. It is now up to the Disciplinary Board to decide what the crime will be. Prior to the European Championships, both the EHF and Dn Kzilabda made it clear that a minor violation of the rules was a rule of law that could lead to exclusion from the European Championships. I cannot know the fate of Ambros Martna.


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