Népszava In this way will destroy the house cleaning contracts at the last minute

You can attack the State House in the last hurdle (ie, Moments before the law on the abolition of state aid for housing). According to Daniela Deak, it has no hindrance, but she hopes it will not. However, if the government is upset, there are two legal options for atv.hu.

It should be remembered that 140,000 new contracts were concluded 48 hours before the entry into force of this law – Finance Minister Mihály Varga said that not all the contracts were made fairly.

According to the lawyer, Daniela Deak, citizens had a natural and legitimate reaction to the contracts before the expiry of the deadline. However, the legislator acted improperly because he did not set a transitional period.

The State, Deak explained, could challenge new treaties by leading to so-called illegal legal effects, ie bypassing the law and invalidating it. The public prosecutor may also act against the contract by referring to a violation of the public interest and ask the court to annul it. I am delighted with the fact that it is very difficult to prove circumvention and Deak assumes that nothing has happened. He hoped it would not be that the government would sue the treaty.

According to some accusations there are contracts that have been time-bound and restored. Daniel Deak said it was a crime and an act, and it is clear that neither a trader nor a citizen is at such a risk. The question is, those who have behaved legally what can happen, Daniel Deák responded, the state could act with a change of law, whether it could reverse the new law.

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