Népszava It turned out when the next census would be

Questionnaires can be downloaded via the Internet or through questionnaires.

On Tuesday, the government approved a bill on the next census of 2021. According to the document, the census May 1, 2021 and June 20, and will be able to download questionnaires online or through questionnaires – noted hvg.hu.

According to the law, it is counted in the census

  • Hungarian citizens living in Hungary living abroad or staying abroad for less than 12 months but residing in Hungary,
  • EEA nationals staying in Hungary for more than three months, third-country nationals and stateless persons,
  • (institutions for the protection of children, hostels, hostels, placement of workers, long-term and temporary placement, social institutions, prison institutions) in the country.

As for persons, the census will require: family and name, gender, date of birth, citizenship, residence, title of use of the apartment, marital status, marital status, live births, date of birth, language skills, economic activity, workplace, learning, daytime work and traveling related to work, nationality, mother tongue, family, spoken language, religion, health, disability. Data delivery is mandatory but filling is optional for health, disability, religion, mother tongue and nationality. The collected data can only be used for statistical purposes.

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