PSG, Neymar and Mbapp were also ruthless

On Tuesday night, a Brazilian striker was shot dead in Cameroon at the Milton Keynes Dons Stadium in England. A team of D-Americans is at the top, which is why they can go to Paris Saint-Germain because in the 6th minute Neymar got a badly successful lead in the liver and immediately broke it. He was the champion of the Prissian team, Kylian Mbapp, who was unhappy with Uruguay in the league.

At the same time, it is impossible to know how serious a player has suffered in the world, but if there is more trouble, he will have to leave Paris Saint-Germain on Wednesday's Champions League title against Liverpool, which can go on.

Thomas Tuchel will not allow Neymar to be defeated by the winner of Kylian Mbapp. 19 victories against Uruguay in the Premier League were unfortunate, and 36 minutes after World Cup captain Didier Deschamps had to swim.

In Group C Champions Masters, the sixth point of Naples Naples is six points in Liverpool's third place.

The PSG with the biggest stakes in the game can go into a very difficult situation. Neymar had 16 goals in the season and 13 goals in the 1st half. Kylian's statistics of Mbappu on gloku and glpassech are the same as the Brazilian superstars, with so many clowns missing the chess game of a French teenager.

Brazil defeated Neymara to replace Richarlison with a 45-minute win and won 1: 0. Everton Willian reshaped his head to the left-hand corner.

World Champion Francis lost 1-0 to Uruguay, Chelsea won over Olivier Giroud in 52 minutes.

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