Selected: Judaeus captured Gera – now third in the last

65 minutes into the match, Dominic Dominic was a hair's breadth away from Balázs Dzsudzsák in a meeting of the League of Nations against Estonia. After 162 days he returned to the returning wing at Groupama Arena.

– I have reviewed how much it is and how much it is missing in the life of a person who is used to ten years He told the captain of the MTI team. – I'm thankful for being able to spend so many years and games on the pitch, he always went through the team with fire and water.

He also said that with his 97th national performance he was third in the evergreen race with Zoltán Gerem. He admitted that a former teammate who worked as an employee warned him on Thursday morning that he would get to him.

Players in the Hungarian national team who are mostly on the pitch

1. Gábor Király (1998-2016) 108 times
2. József Bozsik (1947-1962) 101
3. Zoltán Gera (2002-2017) a Balázs Dzsudzsák (2007-) 97-97
5. Juhász Roland (2004-2016) 95
6. László Fazekas (1968-1983)
7. Gyula Grosics (1947-1962) 86
8. Ferenc Puskás (1945-1956) 85
9. Garaba Imre (1980-1991) 82
10. Sándor Mátrai (1956-1967) 81

Judaism returns to the national team: "When I close my eyes, I have been relieved in the last few months"

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