Surprise yourself or your loved ones with these or Game Game gift tips for Christmas 2020 Exclusive

Christmas is steaming for us and it may not be an exaggeration to say that we have never had such a holiday. The virus came and destroyed everything, not only our privacy, our social relations, but certainly also the economy. But you still have to play, because that’s our lifestyle for us gamers. We have put together some very friendly offers that we can surprise on holiday, or show us that here is the best list, it can be anything!

We paid special attention to the price / value ratios and you may come across a product that we did not have on the Game Channel before, because it was important to present really affordable and reasonable offers. Let’s start with him!

Not console war, more console war

We could start with something other than the basic accessories for games, the console. Two new generations have exploded between us this year, but neither the PS5 nor the XboxSX will be available in Hungary for long, and the news received a fairly attractive price. At least compared to the previous generation, which is of course understandable, bitang has become a small structure in both cases. Yes, but the game is still relatively slim, it will take at least months for the new generation of consoles to reach a larger audience.

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However, the price of the PS4 is now sold in several places and the games are expected to arrive another year or two and the prices of lastgen games are lower than the prices of nextgen. The performance of the PS4 Pro is still very good today, we can choose from thousands of games and even have a resolution of 4K.

The PS4 Pro is available at a great price in our own store with a two-year warranty.

PC Master Race!

We don’t want any warts, but it is essential to have a PC Master Race! let’s throw a very good value for money gaming pc. Quite exactly, a gaming laptop, because there is no easier device for playing games on a PC than a dedicated laptop. Portability is an attractive force in the products of several manufacturers, already in a widely available price range.

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Yes, we know that nothing can compete with the price of a stand-alone desktop computer, but in the Acer Nitro 5 we get a device that is available in several versions, in addition to a small powerhouse made of durable and reliable components, with Ryzen and Intel products. in many versions. And the price is one of the best offers in a luxurious place and we strongly recommend it for the games of the coming years.

Acer Nitro 5 is available from 340 thousand forints, worth choosing in Acershop.

Something has to push 4K too!

If you already have a console or computer, all you need is a good display. Today, television is no longer as it was 10-15 years ago, linear broadcasting has receded into the background, and more and more people are using it to play and stream. It is therefore expected that the TV will be at least basically “smart” and will know 4K by the end of 2020. The competition is very strong, there are a lot of such devices sold, but there are amazing price differences.

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Sencor may not necessarily be a well-known manufacturer in Hungary for televisions, but rather for home appliances, but the brand, which was born in Japan, now sells more than a thousand types of products. These include the SMART UHD, which is simply unbeatable.

In addition to the PS4 Pro, PS5 or gaming laptop, the 4K version is also an excellent choice, not only playing great, but the pre-installed Netflix and Youtube guarantee that it will be a good choice for all gamers and enthusiasts.

The 109 cm UHD Smart TV from Sencor can be purchased for 100,000 HUF (!). More information can be found on the Sencor website.

It should be good not only for the eyes but also for the ears

If we really want to surrender to the gaming experience, we must exclude the outside world. This cannot be solved by anything other than a good type of handset. There are a thousand species, many swear by constipation, some like to hear it when the postman rings (strictly always twice!). We think that the golden mean is where we can control it ourselves.

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Nowadays, you can block the Danube from the player’s ears and it is very difficult to find something good in terms of value for money. Recently, about half a year ago, we discovered the Nacon RIG series, even less known in Hungary, and our experience with it to date is great, so we strongly recommend it. Gaming earrings sold by Bigben, known for their toys and accessories, are available from HUF 7,999, but pieces of convincing quality start at around HUF 18,000.

The offer is very wide, you can browse PC cards, consoles and multiplatform cards.

Administrator over all!

And then let’s move on with one of the most important accessories, which is none other than a gamepad. Consoles basically come with a controller that all gamers are aware of, but it’s not as common to play them on a PC, because most people swear by a keyboard / mouse combination, not by chance, because it’s a basic input device. However, controlling newer games is often much more convenient than consoles with a basic driver, and if we can use the same driver on all platforms, why not?

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Although Redragon recommends Jupiter specifically for the PS4 and Nintendo Switc, it works not only with them, but with everything that has Bluetooth, making it ideal for PCs as well. The wireless controller not only has the functions of a PS4 controller (touchpad, backlit LEDs, built-in speaker), but also has a high-quality cover and buttons that make it extremely convenient to use.

Redragon Jupiter is available for HUF 14,500 in the iWay distributor’s online store.

Because we also have to be outside ….

No matter how big a player we are, sometimes we have to be in the air, and when we’re out, why not have fun too? Drones are one of the best-selling products today, and even though after January 1 we have to register (officially at least) our flying friend over 120 g in Hungary, this does not mean that it would not be a good investment for a hobby drone.

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The range is very wide, however there is a manufacturer that may not necessarily be introduced to anyone who has heard of drones. This is none other than DJI, the largest in the industry. The manufacturer, who basically plays in the hundred thousand league, has an excellent novelty that attracts attention not only with its small size and light weight, but also because its 4K camera takes great pictures.

DJI Mini 2 does not cost 170 thousand forints, which is definitely a low price compared to its knowledge and other equipment of the manufacturer, it is worth buying them here with a two-year official DJI warranty.

These were our tips for Christmas pickup, we hope that everyone will find something for their teeth and living room that will not completely empty their wallets – surprise yourself or your loved one.

If you would rather ask for any of the above options, simply send us a link and show me what you want to receive! If you are also interested in offers for geeks and tech maniacs, head to Androgeek’s collection of Christmas presents!

But let’s not forget one thing, Christmas is a celebration of love, there is nothing more important!

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