The laws of the nations: The Netherlands defeated the world champion

In the evening, only one match was held in the League of Nations in the highest A-Divisij score, but on the contrary, it was a real championship: The Netherlands won the world championship in group 1. The garden excitement lagged behind, the Dutch defeated the 2-0 world champion and only Hugo Lloris it's lucky to win the victory. It was also a surprise that the men went to B-wonders.

The French would be aware that if they did not, they would surely win over the Dutch and the Nazis and that was the first time their fists were defeated.

The first moment he had to make the first serious home team after which Wijnaldum was cleared from the penalty spot but Lloris defended. They also had the opportunity to go to the hostel but did not know that the Deschamp team was busy glnlkli dntetlen. The defensive tactic was fine after 44 minutes, but with a huge defeat of defeat Babel shook his head and Lloris moved the ball and the wing was helpless, Wijnaldum was wicked.

However, in the second round, instead of raising the French podium, the Dutchman was better for gl, only in Lloris's bravery that the 60th minute of coordinated Ronald Koeman did not break. Deschamp did not like the gas he had sent to Sissoku and Dembel, but they were unable to bring them into the huts, and the will of the Dutch was over.

Slusszpon left for 93 minutes when Sissoko butasga passed through the Englishman, Anthony Taylor, and Depay pushed him with careless elegance.

With a 2-0 victory, the Dutch cheese apologized if he did not get the group in the last row in Germany.

In class B, the winner would make sure that when you hit 2-1 in Wales. In Group 1, Czechoslovakia will be exhaled and then in Bennaram. In Class C, which also included Hungarian vlogs, Cyprus had a homegroup with Bulgaria. From the Hungarian point of view, it is important because it will continue to be one of the best players in the group on the worst third level. In that order – in the case of a team of teams, the results against the fourth place are not taken into account – this is the first point for the Cypriots and the Hungarian player has three points. The Slovaks did not win any of it – they were surprised by the Norwegian, so they decided not to do it. In class D, the boys were 6-2 in Gibraltron, Chicago Fire Box in the American Profile (MLS), Jura Movsiff was a good result. The Macedonian side won in Liechtenstein by 2-0, the first part of the match was the best of the current season, the Spanish Levante, Enisz Bardi.

Class A:
Group 1:
Netherlands – France 2-0 (1-0)
glatokz: Wijnaldum (44th), Depay (95th, 11th)
The list is: 1. France 7 points / 4 mrkzs, 2. The Netherlands 6/3, 3. Nmetorszg 1/3

Class B:
Group 1:
Slovakia-Ukraine 4-1 (2-0)
Mr. Rusnak (6.), Kucka (26.), Zrelak (52.), Mak (61.) and Konopljanka (47.)
Started: 1. Ukraine 9 points / 4 mrkzs, 2. Slovakia 3/3 (5-4), 3rd Czechoslovak 3/3 (3-4)

Group 4:
Wales-Dnia 1-2 (0-1)
Mr. Bale (89th) and Jrgensen (42nd), Braithwaite (88th)
That is: 1. Dnia 7 points / 3 mrkzs, 2. Wales 6/4, 3rd line 1/3

Class C:
Group 3:
Cyprus – Bulgaria 1-1 (1-0)
Mr. Zahariu (24th) and Dimitrov (89th, 11th)

Slovenia-Norway 1-1 (1-0)
Verbic (9th) and Johnsen (85th)
Started: 1. Norway 10 points / 5 karot (5-2), 2. Bulgaria 10/5 (6-4), 3. Cyprus 5/5, 4. Slovenia 2/5

Class D:
Group 4:
Gibraltar ring 2-6 (1-1)
De Barr (10th), Priestley (78th), Movsiisjan (27, 48, 52, 54), Kartaszjan (66th), Karapetjan (94th)

Liechtenstein-Macedonia 0-2 (0-0)
g. Bardi (53rd), Nestorovsky (91st)
killed: Wieser (50th, Liechtenstein)
Started: 1. Macedonia 12 points / 5 carats, 2nd round 9/5, 3. Gibraltar 6/5, 4. Liechtenstein 3/5

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