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Totalcar – Magazine – The new Opel Corsa is out of Arctic tests

A new Corsa may come in the summer and Opel will do what is usual for such a thorough change of generation: in extreme conditions, it will mock almost final prototypes to come up with minor or major design flaws. For example, some photos were sent from Lapland to masked Corsica in the snow.

Loss of DASH weight, new floorboard and PSA engines, electric version The most important areas that make Opel Corsa another car than its predecessor. On the basis of masked images, it remains only a formal character at a certain level, but the wheelbase and the whole car are stretched out so that it is uncertain whether a three-door version will exist. Of course, in the safety accessories, the new Corsa will of course be much more closed and in the category can be uniquely adaptive it will also include matrix lighting.

According to Opel's announcement, the final round of tests was in parallel with the Cors. On the one hand A laboratory in Rüsselsheim, where, for example, the electromagnetic compatibility of the complete on-board electronics is controlled (independence from external sources of voltage and radiation). The Dudenhofen Test Center tests its undercarriage, brakes and water resistance, and in Lapland, ESP and ABS are the first to debug.

Opel plans to launch a new Corsa in the summer, which will soon be an official show. The first copies are scheduled to be delivered in autumn.

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