2 tiger cubs hit by a train, killing in Maharashtra; one royal Bengal died in Odessa

Two tigers were slaughtered Thursday after being hit by a train in the Maharashtra district of Chandrapur, which is over 150 miles away, said an official.

Two youngsters, about six months old, were hit by the Balharshah-Gondia passenger train near Junona village between Chandrapur and Nagbhid stations around 7-7:30, immediately killed, Rishikesh

Ranjan, general manager of state development company Forest Development Corporation Maharashtra, told PTI.

He said that samples from two pups would be sent to post-mortem testing laboratories.

In another incident, the male royal Bengal tiger, relocated from Madhya Pradesh, was found dead in the heart of the Wildlife Sanctuary Village of the Wildlife, which hit the first extreme, wild-to-wild translocation of large cats.

Shortly after the incident, the National Torture Conservation Office (NTCA) recommended the Odyssey Government to temporarily stop the transcation program between the States until the investigation was completed and a thorough review was carried out.

Under the program, six tigers from Odyssey have been taken from Madhya Pradesh and two large cats have been taken from the state since June.

While the exact cause of death of a three-year-old tiger named "Mahavir" could only be detected post-mortem, the state government ordered an incident investigation unit on Thursday after the body of the animal was found Wednesday.

"Ramasamy P, DFO, the wildlife division of Satkosia, has been appointed director of the area, the Satkosia Tiger Reserve, as an investigating officer to conduct a detailed investigation of the matter for the start of further action," the official statement issued by the Reserve said.

Forest Remediation and the Environment Another chief secretary of C Mohapatra confirmed the death of the tigers and said that the Chief Conservatory of Forests, Wildlife, had rushed into place.

He said the NTCA team member would be in a post-mortem team.

Examination of the carcass showed a deep wound in the dwarf throat area, which could be the cause of death, another official said.

He said the blow might be due to a fight with other wild animals or a tiger could be caught in the net.

"The incidence of the incident was not disturbed by the NTCA protocol. The exact cause of death and the time of the incident will be determined after detailed post-mortem," Ramasamy said.

The tiger was brought from the Kanhy Tiger Reserve from Madhya Pradesh on June 21 and released to nature on July 7. There was a radio collar on his neck, which followed the movement of the animal.

The signals from the radio collar showed on Wednesday that the animal was still, said forest officials.

The second royal Bengali tiger, a woman named Sundari, received by the government of Odiša, reportedly killed two people, prompting the government to transfer it to a special stop in the Rayagad district of Angul.

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