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GELSENKIRCHEN (Germany) • Virgil van Dijk reached a 91-minute equalizing match against Germany on Monday to drive the Netherlands into the League of Nations Cup final.

But instead of surprise, it was time to give Ovidiu Hategan full-time referee. Romania looked excited after her mother died a few hours ago.

"The man broke and his tears stood in his eyes because he just lost his mother," the defense said after a 2-2 draw. "I wished him strength and said he had decided well, it's a small matter, but it may help."

France may have had a reason to crack a tear or two. The point in Gelsenkirchen was enough for the Dutch to get the last four in the world championship after two late goals in the last six minutes, which made a dramatic end.

  • League of Nations and Euro Qualification: Link

  • Portugal (hosts), England, Switzerland and the Netherlands are the final four Uefa Nations League finals. The result is December 3rd.

    June 5, 2019: Semifinal 1

    • June 6: semifinal 2

    • June 9: Play-off third place

    June 9: Final

    For the EURO2020 qualification, the four will be placed in five group teams, rather than six, and will be freed from two wrestling days to play in the League of Nations finals. The Draw Euro for 55 teams is December 2nd.

    • March to November 2019: Group Stage for Euro Qualifiers League Winners Do not automatically qualify for the Euro, where ten group winners and ten players make up 20 out of 24 finalists.

    • March 2020: play-off in Europe The remaining four places will be held by the mini-tournament winners among the top four members of each League of Nations (A to D) group who have not already qualified. The top four in League A will compete for the Euro Bed. Ditto for leagues B to D.

Germany led 2: 0 in just 20 minutes through goals from Timo Werner and Leroy Sana, but was eventually punished for not seeing the game.

Van Dijk invited the Netherlands to believe Quincy Promes began to fight in the 85th minute. He said it was a "fantastic feeling" when he won League 1 in front of France (head-to-head record) and Germany.

"We should all be proud of myself, I know I am," he said after the Dutch had joined England, Switzerland and Portugal in the last four leagues.

Van Dijk added that following a lack of qualifying for the Euro 2016 final and this year's World Cup, it is a priority to get to the Euro2020 final.

"If we can win the League of Nations, fantastic, but we all want to make sure we are at the European Championship," he said.

Dutch coach Ronald Koeman also praised his team for turning the chances into a goal.

"The struggle and conviction we showed was enough," he said.

"We did not play great football, but it was enough. No one expected Holland to win the group."

In the last twelve months, Germany suffered six defeats, most in the calendar year, leaving the bottom of its group and now being released into the League of Nations League B.

"It's a very disappointing year after the World Cup did not go the way we wanted," coach Joachim Low said. "But I feel we are on the right track with these young players and they will be successful again."


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