Netflix will stop working on the Nintendo Wii from January 2019

Sorry, Nintendo Wii users: The "Wii Sports" console loses Netflix in January 2019.

More specifically, since January 30, All online services for the Nintendo Wii will be sunset. No more Wii Shop Channel and Virtual Console to buy games and no more video streaming services – including Netflix.

The service has gone on for over eight years on the Nintendo Wii, which first appeared in 2010. It quickly became a hit on the Wii – a measure of the massive popularity of the console just as Netflix services evolved into video streaming giants.

With more than 100 million Nintendo Wii consoles sold since 2016, the Nintendo Wii is the best-selling home game console of all time. It's just an exaggerated Game Boy and Nintendo DS – a hand-held console that costs less than the Wii.

Nintendo DS is the best-selling Nintendo console of all time to a relatively large extent.

Meanwhile, Netflix will continue to work on the Nintendo Wii. But do not worry too much about his approaching closure. In 2018 Netflix runs virtually anything – from your smartphone to the TV to the very cheap Chromecast from Google.

Here's a complete list from Netflix to get you started.

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