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NIA conducts raids in Kerala over suspicious links to ISIS terrorists involved in Sri Lanka bombings

On Sunday, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) searched in the homes of at least four people in northern Kerala as part of an international probe into suicide attacks on Easter Day in Sri Lanka.

According to the State Police, NIA seemed to have checked private residences in Kasargod and Palakkad after the evidence that their spacecraft targets were being followed by social media Zahran Hashim, an architect of attacks that cost hundreds of lives, appeared.

Officials said law enforcement agencies around the world, including the NIA and the FBI, were digging up a digital footprint left by Hashim on social media, which he eagerly used to recruit people into his global jihadist cause.

No one is reserved

According to officials, NIA did not secure anyone, perhaps due to lack of evidence of complicity in the attacks.

NIA's investigations into alleged affiliates of the now-known National Towheeth Jamaat (NJ), construct Hashi to unleash horror in the Indian mainland, were still in the nascent phase.

But he did not stop the NIA agents from rushing to the homes of potential suspects in Kaliyangad and Nayanmarmoola in Kasargod and Adavumaram and Muthalamada in Palakkad. Officials said the agency had convened suspects in their office in Kochi for further questioning. It was not immediately known whether the agency had any seizures.

According to officials, the NIA seemed to investigate whether there was any connection between the attacks on Sri Lanka and the radical activity in India.

They said that the coastal states in southern India, including Kerala, are not immune to the shocks in the island nation, given that the large Tamil population, whose security concerns often blend with their Sri Lanka counterparts.

The NIA also seemed to notice that Hashim, a terrorist, was widely traveled in India. For this reason, its route, contacts and places of residence were currently of interest to the Agency.

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