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A player of the enemy Battlegrounds or known as PUBG among his fans is currently the most widespread game on Android and iOS devices. Now with the release of the Xbox and PS4, more and more players are trying their luck to survive and win the title "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner." Still, survival is a key aspect of the game. While most players find it easy to collect weapons, a health kit, and other items with a shrinking circle after a certain interval during the game, more and more players roam with the bullets loaded in their guns and eyes on the enemies who kill and win. So a smaller circle, a smaller area where you can wander and shrink the possibility of survival. So how to survive at the end of the game. Well, in this guide we will tell you what to do and do not do in the last 10 minutes of the PUBG match.

First, start with what you do not have to do

1. Never use long weapons

As we have already mentioned, in the last minutes of the game, the surface is relatively small and it does not make sense to use a long-range weapon because it will be of no use when the players are in close range.

2. Traveling in your car is your biggest enemy

Moving in the car will easily catch the attention of other players in the whole. During the last 10 minutes, however, do not use a car to avoid unwanted sightings of your enemies. The map also indicates your cars with a wheel icon.

3. Never use in the last 10 minutes

At the end of the game when there are only a few players alive, it is always good to creep and move over bushes or grass.

4. Never try to win by the moment you kill them

There might be some other player players of the players you've just killed, so wait a while and see if anyone comes to rescue this player before they get close to the prey.

5. Do not move too much

Moving too much will leave the track on maps with the step icon. So try to keep it in a safe place from where you can watch the activities of other players

6. Do not join if there is more than one player

It's not an intelligent idea between them. How to join them in your grave in the game.

7. Do not try to reload the weapon

While shooting on your enemy, try to reload the weapons when its empty switching to the secondary weapon is much faster than the overload.

8. Do not hide behind any vehicle

Vehicles are suitable for dressing, but can blow up and damage your health or even kill you. If the vehicle is already blown, you can follow it.

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